Why You Should Choose Stones Jewelry

Whether you are searching for an engagement or wedding ring, looking for a meaningful gem to offer your significant other on your anniversary, or seeking to repair a personally significant piece of jewelry, our welcoming jewelers at Stones Jewelry can help you. We are always excited to help our customers find or repair any jewelry that has special significance in their lives. Share with us your joy and your stories. We love to hear them. Come by our store in Wheaton, IL to explore our jewelry collections or to get any piece of jewelry cleaned and repaired.

Stones Jewelry has been helping new and loyal customers find the right jewelry for over 100 years. Because of our long heritage and extensive experience, we can offer our clients invaluable information about the pieces of jewelry they are considering to buy. Many of our customers come to us to purchase jewelry or receive repairs because their parents or their grandparents also trusted us with their most precious pieces. These long term relationships were built because we don’t just serve our customers; we develop personal, long-term connections that last for decades. Come to our store in Wheaton, IL to receive courteous services from our friendly staff and to see our gorgeous collections for yourself. If you have any questions, call 630-668-0163.