Caring For Your Jewelry

Caring for Your Jewelry from Wheaton, IL

Tips and Suggestions to Keep Your Jewelry Looking New

It is recommended to have your jewelry professionally cleaned and polished about once a year. This removes scratches in the mountings, dirt, hand cream, and oils from any gemstones; and they’ll look like new! Stones Jewelry offers these services and more.

Every six months, rings should have the mountings inspected for thin prongs, broken stones, and any damage to the mountings…this takes only a few minutes and helps safe guard the gemstones from falling out.

Pearls strands that are worn weekly should be restrung annually. This keeps the silk from breaking at an inconvenient time. Knotting protects pearls from chipping each other and, if it breaks, chances are that only one pearl might be lost. A good indication that a strand needs to be restrung is when the pearls start to “slip” between the knots. To avoid scratches and damage, pearls should be kept away from other gemstones and mountings.