Tissot Watches

The Tissot Story

Tissot got its start in Le Loche, Switzerland in 1853. Its first product was a pocket watch that featured single movement and dual time zones.

The Swatch Group acquired Tissot in 1963 to add to a family of brands that also includes Hamilton and Omega. Its family of brands makes Swatch one of the biggest watch producers in the world.

But to get back to Tissot in particular, Tissot watches have long been favorites of people in the world of sports and also stars in the entertainment field. Tissot sponsors the world championships in fencing and motorcycling and is the official timekeeper for the International Basketball Foundation and MotorGP. In fact, Tissot works with a variety of sports to improve time recording. In the world of entertainment, Elvis Presley, Grace Kelly, and Angelina Jolie have all worn Tissot watches.

What, you may wonder, is responsible for Tissot’s success? More than anything else, it’s been the constant focus on technological innovation.

Tissot Technology

Tissot Watches
That first Tissot pocket watch in 1853 was groundbreaking for its time, and Tissot hasn’t slowed down in the 160 years since. In 1051, for example, the Tissot Navigator was the first automatic watch to display 24 time zones without the necessity of manipulation.

Today, Tissot is celebrated for its Tissot T-touch technology. This multifunction features utilizes touch screen technology to provide an altimeter, backlight, barometer, and compass among other handy functions. If you’re thinking these are functions an action hero might need, Hollywood agrees with you. Tissot watches have figured in movies like Tomb Raider and Die Another Day.

Of course, cutting-edge technology alone wouldn’t be enough to put a Tissot watch on the wrist of an Elvis or a Grace Kelly. The watch would also need style.

Tissot Style

Tissot has always offered watches that embody high style. Today they offer sporty models but also pocket watches, smart-casual watches, and vintage dress watches.

Here are some of their more popular offerings for women listed from least to most expensive:


The Ladies’ PRC200 Chronograph

This watch is an appealing fusion of classic and contemporary styling. The former is on display in its Roman numerals and the latter in its rose-gold colored hands. It comes with a chocolate brown strap and looks equally great with jeans or office attire.

The Ladies’ Carson

A simple white face with Roman numerals and a two-tone silver and gold bracelet give this watch its classic style.

The T-Wave

The T-Wave has a black numberless face that makes for an appealing contrast with the rose gold-colored case and bracelet. It provides affordable luxury and is an ideal accessory for contemporary fashion.

The Ladies’ Titanium

The Ladies’ Titanium is durable and will unquestionably create an impression. The titanium bracelet will stand up to punishment, and the Powermatic 80 features guarantees accuracy.

Here are some of the more popular offerings for men listed from least to most expensive:


The Chemin des Tourelles Squelette

This is a skeleton watch that combines modern detailing with the craftsmanship embodied by hand winding. It has stainless steel surrounding the face and a black tortoiseshell leather strap.

The Everytime

The Everytime Watch has a simple gold face and a beaded gold bracelet that supply all the opulence of gold yet have a minimalist feel to them as well.

The T-Touch Solar

This watch looks a bit like it came out of a sci-fi movie. The titanium bracelet and case lend a futuristic style while also ensuring it can stand up to contact sports and rough terrain. It has a built-in altimeter and compass, too.

The PRS 516 Automatic Chronograph

This is an exceptionally handsome watch thanks to its use of silver, black, and traces of red intricate detailing. The latter are on display in its brushed ceramic bevel and floating indexes. It comes with an exceptional power reserve and abundant sports features.

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