Over 100 Years Old and Still Cool Enough for MTV: Stones Jewelry Featured on “The Buried Life”

Joe and Maria from Wayne, Illinois had one television program in particular that they enjoyed watching together each week: “The Buried Life” on the MTV. Little did we know that the couple’s love for this show would lead to our MTV debut!

“The Buried Life” is a reality program during which four guys travel the country to make people’s bucket list wishes come true. Knowing Maria was a fan, Joe stopped at nothing to get the show involved when it came time to propose to her.

Choosing to purchase his engagement ring from Stones Jewelry, MTV’s crew spent the day with us capturing Joe’s ring selection and interviewing him about his plans. Our own Hillary can be seen at the start of the clip helping Joe pick the perfect ring, and our store acts as the backdrop for his early interviews.

Once Joe had the ring, the rest of the plan could be set into motion. MTV put out a casting call for “Buried Life” fans local to the area, and they filled a restaurant with the actors that were selected. Once the couple began dining, random people around the restaurant began to stand and recite a poem Joe had composed for Maria. The final lines of the poem were delivered by Maria and Joe’s parents, with Joe’s grandmother also along, then Joe was on bended knee to pop the question.

Want to see how this turns out? Click the clip above to watch!

We send much thanks to Joe and Maria for choosing to make this incredibly special purchase at Stones Jewelry. And thank you MTV for seeing the cool, hip side of our over 100-year-old store.