Stones Jewelry’s 24th Annual Gem Show: Raffle Prize Announcement

The Stones Jewelry team invites you to experience a world of color! Straight from a fifth-generation cutting house in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, a collection of colored gemstones rivaling those in museums around the world is on its way to historic Downtown Wheaton.

A true demonstration of the entire spectrum of colored stones — displaying so much more than emeralds, diamonds and rubies – our Colored Gem Show is always a highly-anticipated event for both gemstone and fine-jewelry enthusiasts. Those who attend the show annually know the breadth and beauty of the collections we present and can attest to what an awe-inspiring experience it is. And this year, as is tradition, there will be three drawings for fine colored gemstone pieces:

In addition to the raffle giveaway, we have a takeaway for everyone who attends. As is our 24 year tradition, we’ll be popping balloons and allowing you to take home the colored gem that’s inside. Customers have made earrings, pendants and rings out of their winnings, making the stones into something truly special.

We’re just days away from what promises to be a most exciting event. Gemstones like this don’t come along everyday. Make sure you make some time for us this weekend — we’ll look forward to seeing you then!