June Charity Event: All Watch Battery Proceeds Will Be Donated to Naomi’s House


Did you know that each year as many as 24,000 women and girls are being exploited in Chicago?

When Jennifer Brown, a Stones Jewelry customer and local volunteer at Chicago’s Naomi’s House, broke the news to us, we were all shocked. We also felt compelled to do something about it.

For the entire month of June, Stones Jewelry will donate ALL proceeds from watch battery sales to Moody Bible Church’s project-in-the-works: Naomi’s House.

Naomi’s House will be a place to provide lifelong hope and healing for sexually exploited women through long-term, residential, comprehensive care. The church has purchased a house, which a team of volunteers are currently preparing to act as a safe, warm, nurturing place where women can feel at home as they seek healing and begin building new lives.

Naomi’s House will offer a full spectrum of care to support victims in healing from trauma and reintegrating into the community. Their programs will be individualized, with each woman receiving help based on her unique situation and needs.

Naomi’s House seeks to restore each woman’s dignity by empowering her to make responsible decisions, to cultivate her God-given gifts, and to pursue healthy relationships.

“I feel like it’s really up to our generation to address this problem,” said Jennifer. “It’s so hard to talk about, and so hard to address. Law enforcement is at a loss as to help these women — with no where to go, they often end up in jail. Naomi’s house will be the first long-term care residence of its type, and my husband and I are so passionate about the cause, we can see ourselves volunteering there for a long time.”

We’re excited to be part of the efforts, and encourage you to dig those watches out of the drawer and get them working — helping others as you do. Could there be a more perfect time?

To learn more about Naomi’s House, you can simply click here. Let’s see what the Stones Jewelry community can do for this great cause!