Meet Our Staff: A 5 Question Interview With Jackie


How long have you been with Stones Jewelry?

“I started in 1988, so have been with Stones on and for 25 years, total. I did take a break here and there to have kids but was always welcomed back.”


What’s your favorite thing about your job?

“I like working with customers; it’s so great to build the relationships we do and truly get to know people. Whether we’re actually designing a piece or simply taking it out of the case, we’re helping someone find something that will have true meaning for them. It’s just a wonderful feeling.”



Do you have a favorite customer story?

“It’s next to impossible to pick just one, because they seem to happen every day.

I remember working with a mom and two daughters. They brought in a strand of grandma’s pearls after she’d passed on. Since all of them were super close to her, they’d decided to have the necklace divided up. We were able to separate the pearls into three tin-cup style necklaces, where we place the pearls with a little length of chain between each. It was so meaningful to them and so touching.

There’s stuff like that all the time; that’s a fun part of working here.”


What is your favorite type of jewelry to wear or to sell?

“I just, simply, kind of like the diamonds — because they go with everything! They’re classic. You can dress up or down.

Take diamond earrings or a pendant, as examples. They’re easy things to get a lot of use out of, versus a piece that only goes with a few things.”


Why do you enjoy working for Stones Jewelry?

“We are so close. I just love it and have so much fun. We genuinely have a good time working together, have good deep relationships and even know each other’s families – making us like family, ourselves.

The other important aspect to me is that we’re all Christians; we share that bond with each other. The spiritual aspect of encouraging each other through scripture keeps us deeply connected with each other, too. It’s important to us all and means a lot to me.”