A Stones Jewelry Week-At-A-Glance: The Touching Stories Behind Some of Our Most Recent Customers

We realize that most people don’t spend their days hanging out in a fine jewelry store and, since this is likely the case for you, we’re spending this week’s article getting you up to speed on the feel good, meaningful stories you’ve missed out on.

Below are three customer experiences from the past week: people we were able to help out, who touched us in the process. We hope you read and enjoy as much as we did:

Depositphotos_26711907_xsThere is an almost constant stream of girls in and out our doors who come to Stones to get their ears pierced for the first time.

In with her grandmother last weekend, one particular little girl had saved up her confirmation money to buy herself her first pair or earrings. Grandma paid for the piercing, and the girl was so excited to pick out some 14K gold heart studs.

It’s so heartwarming for us to know that Stones will be a forever memory for girls like this – This is the place where she got her ears pierced, spent time with her grandmother and made a purchase that made her so proud! We look forward to helping many other girls like her, and to seeing her when she comes back for the second pair of earrings she plans to pick-up!

man hands holding gift boxLast week, a gentleman came in to get a watch battery replaced. As he waited, he wandered around the store checking out our selection of jewelry. Married for quite some time, he didn’t feel he really needed a reason to buy his wife a gift but wanted to just surprise her for the joy of it. He left after looking at a few pieces he thought he might pick up for her, and we assumed he’d decided to hold off.

He returned the next day, saying that he, “just couldn’t stop thinking about” a certain necklace that had caught his eye. And that night his very happy wife got one very nice surprise… A simple romantic gesture brought on by a simple watch repair.

old handsJust yesterday a woman came in to have a ring removed from her finger. (Yes – we do this for free. Saves that hefty hospital bill!)

Married for 34 years, her fingers now swollen with arthritis, she told how she’d recently switched dish soaps and believed that this was the cause of the irritation she was now experiencing around her wedding band. She’d struggled to get it off and just couldn’t so. In an emotional moment, after over 20 years of never taking the ring off, we removed the ring from her finger to relieve the swelling and irritation.

Making this all the more meaningful, she shared that her husband has passed on. And when she has healed, she plans to have the ring resized with us, and put it right back on. It’s commitment and history like this that’s one of the most moving things about jewelry.

For over 100 years, the staff at Stones Jewelry have been privileged enough to experience these things with our customers, generation to generation, and we’re so blessed that we get to do so. So if you need a small or extravagant gift, a repair or just some help getting off an old, tight ring – Stop by and see us. We’ll be happy to help and look forward to seeing you.