We’ve Made It to the Silver Screen: Stones Jewelry Now Playing at Studio Movie Grill

When you head out to the movies this weekend, you may notice some familiar faces on the big screen…


Right now at Studio Movie Grill in Wheaton, Dave and Hillary of Stones Jewelry can be seen before each feature film in our brand new commercial.

The two carry out their on-screen roles with true Academy-Award potential, giving their usual brand of impeccable customer service and showing off some of our finest pieces. Hillary even does a stellar job with the microphone.

So check Stones out next time you find yourself settled-in with popcorn and a soda, ready to take in a blockbuster. Or, if you’re not visiting the movies anytime soon, click the icon above to watch us online!

We’d love to hear from the critics, so make sure you let us know what you think. And no matter what the review, Dave and Hillary would each be happy to autograph your movie ticket if you bring it in. They seem to act all humble and shy about it, but that’s probably just more acting.

See you at the movies!