Long-Distance Love Affair: A South American Connection to Stones Jewelry

1555739_10152113041483252_847510709_nIt’s not every day that a customer comes in and begins broadcasting diamonds and engagement rings over her cell phone. So when José Luis Pedraza’s sister began doing this months ago, we must admit we were more than a little confused.

Turns out that, despite his move to Bolivia, José genuinely wanted the engagement ring he purchased to come from our shop. To make this happen, he and his sister arranged this time on Skype for José to pick out the ring all the way from South America. With the assistance of the streaming video service, it was just like he was in the store.

José’s sister came in twice – once to pick the setting, and once to show José how the diamond he picked out looked in the setting. And José’s excitement was contagious, his face lighting up over that tiny cell phone screen in a very big way.

While it’s not everyday that we arrange purchases like this, it happens more often than you’d think. For many who move from Wheaton, the attachment to Stones Jewelry never fades. We’ve designed and shipped pieces to Northern Wisconsin, North Carolina and even all the way to New Zealand!


So if you’re viewing this from afar, know that we haven’t forgotten you, and we’re still happy to help you out. Long-distance orders work best if you can show us what you want in a design rather than tell us, as verbal descriptions can mean many things to many people. But those who have ordered from great distances can attest to the success and fun they had while making their jewelry purchase.

We wish a warm congratulations to José and his now fiancé. May you have a long and happy marriage, and we’re deeply grateful that you thought of us for this occasion.

If you have any questions about our long-distance jewelry services, feel free to contact us by phone (or, apparently, you can send in someone local with Skype!). We’ll be happy to help you in any way that we can.