Meet Our Staff: A 5 Question Interview With Deanna


How long have you been with Stones Jewelry?

“I have worked with Stones Jewelry on and off for 26-27 years; I started in 1979. I would break to have children, but always came back to work.”

What is your favorite thing about your job?

“I love helping people. Whether they’re coming in to have a problem fixed or to purchase a gift, the fact that I get to make a difference in someone’s day is huge.”

Do you have a favorite customer story?

“I have so many, I could go on and on. But I remember a time about 15 years ago that a man came in and made my day. He pulled me aside and said that he needed to tell me something – then went on to explain that his first purchase at Stones had been in the ’60’s, when he purchased a simple ID bracelet for his wife. ‘You guys treated me like that was the most important purchase of the day’ he said, and shared that he’d made the effort to come in with anything small that came up ever since: simple watch batteries, etc. He happily announced that he would be making a large purchase, a new bracelet to celebrate his 25th anniversary, and that he was truly excited to be making it here. It made me feel so good that we made this kind of impression.”

What is your favorite type of jewelry to wear or sell?

“I LOVE pearls. I feel like they’re the most overlooked piece in the store, simply because they don’t sparkle. But each piece is so unique  – Each from a different oyster, each with different traits. They can be dressed up or dressed down. I love them. But that’s the joke around here… everyone finds it quite funny… they say, ‘Whatever pieces Deanna really likes probably won’t sell.’ They love giving me a hard time.”

GP8A6208Why do you enjoy working for Stones Jewelry?

“We’re a family. I think it’s amazing that only two families have owned and operated the store – It has such a history. And it’s neat to see 2nd and even 3rd generation customers coming through here: ‘My mom and dad got their wedding rings here, so we thought we’d come in for ours,” they say. We laugh with our customers. We cry with them. Just yesterday I helped a woman who was remounting her wedding ring to symbolize a new beginning, after losing her husband two years ago. The close-knit community is amazing; I appreciate it more than I could say.”