Fresh Back From the Emerald-City: May Gift-Giving Goes Green

As this month’s birthdays spring upon us, we see our selection of emeralds is as popular as ever – The gorgeous birthstone is a must-have for anyone with the luck o’ being born in May.

You may already know that Stones Jewelry is the best place to go to find the emerald ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings she so desires. But you probably don’t know the following fun-facts about the gemstone. Be sure to dazzle her with these, as well:

  • GP8A6310Emeralds have had many notable admirers. Among these, Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth II and Elizabeth Taylor had some of the most famous pieces. In fact, Elizabeth Taylor was given her famous emerald necklace as a wedding gift from Richard Burton while filming Cleopatra in Rome. This piece made news again this year when it was worn by Julianne Moore to the Oscars.
  • Since ancient times, the emerald has been regarded as a springtime gemstone and, as such, also a symbol of youth. In the Bible, the emerald is used to symbolize eternal life, growth, integrity, new life and resurrection.
  • Dating back to 1695, the Mogul Emerald is one of the largest ever recorded. The gemstone measures at 10 centimeters and weighs 217 carats. In 2001, the Mogul Emerald sold to an anonymous buyer at auction for $2.2 million dollars.

Now, we don’t exactly carry a 217 carat option at Stones Jewelry. But we’re pretty sure she wouldn’t want to wear anything that big, anyways.

Stop in to check out our brilliant collection, and we’ll be happy to help you select a “just perfect” gift. A gift that has literally been proven to be fit for a queen.