Thinking Outside the Jewelry Box: Three Creative Ways to Gift a Birthstone

When it comes to the January garnet, you may remember that last year we shared three fun facts about the birthstone, including that it comes in nearly every color of the rainbow. This year, we thought we’d think “outside the jewelry box” to help those garnets sparkle and shine even more.

While giving a birthstone gift is meaningful within itself, why not take a little time to make it even more personalized and memorable? Below, we’ve shared three ideas for gifting jewelry that will make her special day absolutely unforgettable.

create-gift-bagsMake Your Own Packaging

While jewelry on its own is a highly cherished gift, adding thought and creativity to the packaging can make it all the more special.

Some ideas? How about using pages from an old book of poetry, a favorite novel, sheet music to a favorite song or a printed photograph to create an envelope or card holder for her gift? Upcycling weathered, worn items can be particularly romantic, while printing a well-thought out find from the web can draw happy tears just as well. We’ve included his photo from to get your creative juices flowing.

ID-100260168Make It A BIG Surprise

Is she expecting our fancy little box? Throw her off by filling and wrapping a large moving or appliance box, attaching a jewelry box at the bottom, and filling the rest with balloons or colorful crepe paper. She’ll likely be both excited and relieved to see a beautiful piece of jewelry, after being led to believe she’s in for another year of steamers or vacuum cleaners.

51234cee-69fa-4ed6-878a-fef6297b1396Have Someone Just a Bit Cuter Than You Deliver It

Have you discussed adding a pet to the family? For those who are prepared for the responsibility, nothing’s quite as heart-melting as dangling a ring or necklace around the neck of an adopted dog or cat. There are so many pets who need homes in Illinois. You can visit DuPage County Animal Control’s website to browse profiles for available animals in the Wheaton area. That’s where we found Zeus, the puppy pictured, who is currently up for adoption.

We hope that this entry has filled you with ideas for that beloved “January Baby” in your life. Not only can Stones help you find the perfect birthstone gift, we can help you perfect gift-giving as well. We look forward to seeing you soon!