Mother’s Day Gifts With a Personal Touch

The best gifts undoubtedly come from the heart. To ensure that the mother in your life is struck by all the care and appreciation you send her way this Mother’s Day, our team has uncovered gift options that are not only beautiful, but are personalized and ever-so-meaningful, as well. Read on to learn more, as our top Mother’s Day gift picks are detailed below:

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Encore by Cordova: A Gift That Keeps on Growing
The possibilities within our Encore collection are endless. These Cordova rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces are all fully customizable, with birthstone gems and engraved initials available in any combination. You can choose from 14k white or yellow gold, and there’s even embellishment options for certain pieces: for example, the rings can be constructed with or without diamond shoulders. Not only will you end up with a captivating gift that you’ve helped create, but the piece will tell your family’s own unique story: a story that can grow over the years.

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Rembrandt Charms: Begin Her Journey. Tell Her Story

A charm is a classic collectible that captures a memory, an event or special occasion – a sentimental journey you can hold in your hand. Motherhood may be the journey of a lifetime, and certainly lends itself perfectly to a personalized bracelet.

Mother and BabyRembrandt Charms are ideal for Mother’s Day, because not only can they capture her interests, passions and unique characteristics all in one piece, but you can include a piece of yourself, as well. With a vast collection of charms to choose from symbolizing travel, animals, sports, music — even lockets and tiny picture frames — you can create a piece of jewelry that is a true conversation piece as she literally wears her life at her sleeve. Start off a bracelet for her with a simple charm expressing your love, add a passion of hers beside it, or finish a bracelet with multiple charms, telling her entire story. This is a gift she can add to on her own, or even wear interchangeably depending on her mood. And it’s surely a gift with a lot of meaning.
Spring Stacked Bangle 10423849_10152742622866867_5488991048449700724_nWhether it’s gems or charms… you really can’t go wrong with either option. Both show Mom that you took the extra time and care to think about her, giving a gift that speaks to exactly who she is and what her story is about. To explore the collections and get any questions you may have answered, stop in and inquire with any one of our helpful team members. We’ll be pleased to help you give a gift that leads to a truly happy Mother’s Day.